A Message from Br. Álvaro Rodríguez Echeverría FSC

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It is a great joy for me to be able to be present at this gathering of young Brothers of the Institute.  However, as you know this assembly was mandated by last General Chapter in order to ensure that the thoughts, dreams, challenges, and concerns of the young Brothers are taken into consideration as the revision of the Rule and other topics are considered by the 45th General Chapter.

During these last few weeks I have been in California where I participated in a symposium of Lasallian women from the United States and Canada and in Rio de Janiero for the International Assembly of Young Lasallians. During the month of May we had the International Assembly on the Lasllian Educational Mission, and so as you can see we are living new realities that allow us to look at the future with optimism and confidence. We are protagonist of a mission that needs to be carried forward because our primary association is with the God of life, the God of the poor, the God of history, whom our Founder, inspired by Saint Paul, reminds us, wants all to be saved and come to knowledge of the Truth. We Brothers cannot be absent and you young Brothers are called to be the accelerator not the brake.

In these last few days, while in Rio de Janeiro the Pope told the Argentinian youth that the Beatitudes and Matthew 25 are sufficient enough for us, and so I quote what he said,

“Let me tell you what I hope will be the outcome of World Youth Day: I hope there will be noise.  Here there will be noise, I’m quite sure.  Here in Rio there will be plenty of noise, no doubt about that. But I want you to make yourselves heard in your dioceses, I want the noise to go out, I want the Church to go out onto the streets, I want us to resist everything worldly, everything static, everything comfortable, everything to do with clericalism, everything that might make us closed in on ourselves. The parishes, the schools, the institutions are made for going out …”

Go out because our mission is to be instruments of salvation for the young, especially the poor, the most vulnerable, and those who see no purpose in their life.  I ask that the Spirit guide and strengthen us so that at this International Young Brothers Assembly we do not become closed in on ourselves and our comforts, rather open ourselves to new evangelical insights that will allow us and our 45th General Chapter better respond to what the Lord expects of our Institute and mission.

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