IYBA 2013 Day 3

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Heavy rains greeted the De La Salle University-Dasmarinas Retreat and Conference Center (RCC) this morning. However, this did not dampen the Young Brothers’ spirits. The Lasallian Region of Latin America (RELAL) led this morning’s creative prayer and meditation, which previewed today’s topic: Formation and Accompaniment.

IYBA 2013 - Day 3

Morning meditations headed by RELAL delegates.

Br. Jesús “Chuy” Rubio FSC, Secretary of Formation, was today’s resource speaker. He stated that, “In order to form ourselves we need to accompany one another. This is a life-long process of conversion towards the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” He began his presentation by narrating the life of Brother Irénée, illustrating the importance of Formation and Accompaniment to the Young Brothers.


Br. Jesús “Chuy” Rubio FSC, Formation and Accompaniment Resource Speaker.

The delegates were again split into seven groups to come up with their dreams and concerns with regards to today’s topic. After each group presented their reflections, Br. Chuy aided the assembly in synthesizing their collective thoughts. Br. Chuy also shared his personal experiences with the Young Brothers, recounting a past incident that taught him the importance of asking the right questions. “By asking the right questions,” he said, “you find out what you need in life.”

Then, the Brothers dispersed once more for their individual reflections. Upon returning, they had active deliberation – enthusiastically sharing their thoughts and insights. The delegates displayed passion, honesty, and engagement – qualities that best represent youthfulness. The diversity of ideas generated and the resolve of the Young Brothers displayed, first hand, how the foundations of strong communities are established.

IYBA 2013 - Day 3

Brothers fostering collaboration.

After sharing their individual ideas, the delegates were grouped again. Like the previous day, each group was tasked to come up with two proposals for the General Assembly. These proposals were presented and then voted on in the same manner as before. Prior to that, the entire assembly went into an atmosphere of prayer, asking the Holy Spirit for guidance. “Let us remember that we are in the most holy presence of God,” a humbling start for an important activity.

It was a delightful contrast seeing the Brothers enthusiastically exchange their views and then retire to quiet meditation in order to prioritize the proposals. As the Brothers contemplated on their decisions, they were again reminded by the IYBA’s Gospel theme (John 10,10). After a while, they stood up, lighted their candle and, through the Holy Spirit, chose the propositions they wanted prioritised.

IYBA 2013 - Day 3

Guided by the Holy Spirit.

The RELAL delegates then hosted the evening mass – in Spanish – at the RCC Chapel. Dinner followed. Afterwards, the Brothers met in their Apostolic Service Day groupings to plan for tomorrow’s activities. The five groups will each be visiting a different site where Lasallians minister to the youth at risk.

IYBA 2013 - Day 3

A unique offering from the RELAL delegates.



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