IYBA 2013 Day 5

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Day Five of the International Young Brothers Assembly (IYBA) began with salt. The morning praise and meditation, headed by the delegates from the Lasallian Region of Europe and Mediterranean (RELEM), talked about the importance of salt and its relation to IYBA’s theme. As salt gives “life” to dishes, so must the Brothers continue to have life and have it more abundantly.

IYBA 2013 - Day 5 (022)

Morning meditations and offerings of prayer

The Young Brothers then headed to the Assembly Hall for todays presentation. Before introducing the main speaker, the delegates shared their experience from their Apostolic Service Day. These experiences from their Service Day communities will prove useful in today’s topic: Association for the Educational Service of the Poor.

Today’s resource person is Dr. Carmelita Quebengco AFSC. She is currently the Co-Secretary of the Lasallian Education Mission. As a message to the Brothers, she stated that, “It is heartening to note how engaged and genuinely involved the Young Brothers are in shaping the future of the Lasallian Mission in the world.”

IYBA 2013 - Day 5 (006)

Dr. Carmelita Quebengco is happy to be of service to the Young Brothers and calls them the future of the Institute.

Dr. Quebengo began her presentation by giving the rationale behind Lasallian Association – to develop concepts/principles of human rights, to renewed emphasis on the following in the Church, and as an inherent component in conducting the Lasallian Mission. She continues on by presenting the realities and challenges of Association, ending her presentation by posing these two questions to the Young Brothers: What is your vision of Lasallian Association? What can the Institute do to make this vision a reality?

The Brothers then retired to their small groups to present their dreams and concerns for Lasallian Association. Their presentations illustrated the difficulties of Association. Brothers from each region had different views, based on their culture and current realities. Nevertheless, the groups were open to all perspectives. Dr. Quebengco presented her synthesis of the dreams and concerns afterwards.

IYBA 2013 - Day 5 (008)

Sharing ideas without compromising values, beliefs and thoughts.

The individual reflections followed after. During the plenary brainstorming session, there were again several views on Association, with each Brother drawing examples from their own regions and districts. It was a focused discussion that opened new ideas. It was evident that each speaker’s intent was to clarify any confusion in their discussion so that the Assembly can come up with a unified voice for the Young Brothers.

IYBA 2013 - Day 5 (011)

Finding one’s voice through meditation.

Afterwards, the delegates returned to their groups to formulate two propositions. Before prioritizing these propositions, the entire group, as always, entered into prayer, asking for inspiration. The Brothers displayed the purpose of their discussions; in an atmosphere of prayer and guided by the Holy Spirit, the goal is not to find the answer, but the best possible answer for one’s self.

IYBA 2013 - Day 5 (014)

Listen with open hearts. Speak with prophetic words.

After prioritizing the propositions for Association, the Young Brothers celebrated mass at the Retreat and Conference Center (RCC) chapel. The delegates from RELEM sponsored the Eucharistic celebration.

IYBA 2013 - Day 5 (021)

Day Five Thanksgiving Mass

Dinner was also held in RCC. This was followed by Socials hosted by The Lasallian Region of Latin America (RELAL).

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