IYBA 2013 Day 6

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Day six began with morning praise and mediation, led by the delegates of Région Lasallienne Africano-Malgache (RELAF). This was followed by a momentary break where one could see the Young Brothers interacting with one another – the unfamiliarity, gone.

Superior General, Br. Alvaro Rodriguez Echeverria FSC was the resource person for Today’s topic: Consecrated and Spiritual Life. He began by reading two texts, one from the last General Chapter and the second one, from a meeting with the Young Brothers from ARLEP. He insisted on the importance of Lasallian spirituality; how developing a unique relationship with God should be something Young Brothers should look for, something they should seek. He also encouraged the Brothers to “be more, have less”. He said, “In our personal life, we need to make God our absolute value and that makes everything else to be relative.” He ends his presentation by calling the Brothers to “live a personal relationship with God in a simple way.”


Inspiring words from the Superior General

The delegates then formed into small groups, discussing their dreams and concerns on today’s theme. Most of these realities revolved around the necessity of balancing their spiritual lives and professional development, echoing the presentation of Br. Alvaro.


Discussions on Lasallian Spirituality

The afternoon session began with Br. Alvaro’s synthesis of the delegates’ dreams and concerns. He began with humility, saying that this is “a subjective reading based from my own experiences and interpretations”. He pointed out the need to decentralize – that the center of the Brothers’ spirituality should be Jesus, the Gospel, the Trinity, and those who are experiencing difficulties. He also recognized the absence of spirituality saying, “…the demands of our personal lives are so strong, we don’t give as much time to our spirituality.” All the delegates were listening intently. Finally, aligning the Brothers to the tune of Lasallian Spirituality, Br. Alvaro inspired them by saying, “The Gospel is fire. We need to live it.”


“If you love doing something, you find time to do it. It’s not a question of time. It’s a question of love. You must love doing something and the rest will follow. We must be adept for finding time for God, for prayer.” – Br. Alvaro 

After the summary and reflection, the Brothers were tasked to identify the steps to take in order to address the raised concerns. They meditated individually and returned to present their opinions on the matter. Dealing with a very personal topic, the delegates each shared various ideas to strengthen prayer habits – from involving the youth, openness to other religions, and taking advantage of whatever time they have for prayer.


Contributing to the Young Brothers’ relationship with God

The Brothers then split into their groups again to formalize their proposals for the next General Assembly. Before prioritizing, the group entered into prayer – a good start. Carrying new insights from Br. Alvaro and guided by prayer and meditation, the Brothers then proceeded to prioritize the presented propositions by lighting their two candles and laying them on beside the proposals they wished to prioritize.


Casting one’s voice on Lasallian Spirituality

After discerning on today’s topic, the Brothers hear mass at the Retreat and Conference Center (RCC), which was hosted by RELAF. Dinner also took place in RCC. Afterwards, the delegates from the Lasallian Region of Europe and Mediterranean (RELEM) hosted socials at Hotel Rafael.


Appreciating a blessed day through the Eucharist

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