IYBA 2013 Day 8

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After a long day with their Cultural exposure, the delegates of the International Young Brothers Assembly (IYBA) started Day Eight with morning praise and meditation. The delegates from Pacific-Asia Regional Conference (PARC) led the prayers at the Retreat and Convention Center (RCC) Chapel.

IYBA 2013 - Day 8 (025)

Working towards translating the spirit of the Young Brothers.

Br. Joseph Fernando FSC, Director of the Boys Town Community and formerly the Secretary of Initial Formation, presented today’s theme: Pastoral Ministry of Vocations. He began by introducing the theme’s icon, St. Benilde Romançon. He described the saint as a “passionate religious who spoke from the heart” and quoting one of Br. Benilde’s former pupils, “ He certainly developed these vocation by the quality of the education he offered and by the example of his life.” Br. Joseph then posed this question to the assembly: Do you value the gift of brotherhood and how do you share it with others?

IYBA 2013 - Day 8 (007)

“Be rooted in Him who calls. Respond to God’s call with positive synergies.” – Br. Joseph

Br. Joseph continued by presenting the values of Lasallian vocation and how it can be shared. He also presented the barriers to Pastoral Ministry of Vocation and gave some suggestions to the delegates how they can accomplish this endeavor. A vocation prayer was said at the end of his presentation.

IYBA 2013 - Day 8 (012)

The hope that these collective dreams become reality.

The Young Brothers then went into their small groups for the listening session. The session was followed by the presentation of their Dreams and Concerns regarding Pastoral Ministry of Vocation which were then synthesized by Br. Joseph. In preparation for their Individual work, Br. Joseph also left them this question, “Ask yourself, what am I doing? How can I respond to these concerns as an individual? How would you explain your life (as a Brother) to others?”

As the Brothers did their individual work, it was evident how they have grown in communion with each other, in the past eight days of the assembly. On their way out, one can see the Young Brothers joking and laughing with one another but they soon settled down for their individual reflections.

IYBA 2013 - Day 8 (004)

The Triumph of Brotherhood

In their dialogue with one another, the Brothers expressed different things. Some Brothers illustrated the different efforts they exert in promoting vocations. Others recommended the inclusion of lay partners and elder Brothers in advancing vocations. One Brother also suggested the importance of accompanying the youth, not just to attract them to become Brothers but to find their own place in the bigger realm of Lasallian vocations, as they might become lay partners in the future. Throughout their discussions, one can see how much the Young Brothers value their lives as La Salle Brothers – from their enthusiasm and even their frustrations.

After their dialogue, the Brothers went back to their small groups to develop their propositions, which were then presented to the entire assembly. Before prioritizing the propositions, Br. Joseph commended the delegates for the work that they are doing. Once again, the Young Brothers went into prayer, asking for guidance – to know themselves and find counsel in the Holy Spirit. As they were meditating, a video was shown on the life of Jesus as he gathered his apostles and told them their mission. “Take nothing with you for your trip.” (Luke 9:1-3)

IYBA 2013 - Day 8 (014)

Burning with spiritual fire in order to spread the light

Once the proposals were prioritized, the Brothers went to the RCC Chapel for their evening mass, hosted by PARC. Before entering the chapel, the delegates of PARC performed the Aarathi on the Brothers – an expression of one’s complete and unflinching love towards God.

IYBA 2013 - Day 8 (018)

Connecting with God

Dinner and Socials – this time hosted by RELAF – were also held in RCC. During the dinner, the assembly celebrated the birthdays of Br. Jonas Eder Cerbaro, Br. Jesus Elias Betancourt Castillo, Br. Salvatore Santoro, and Br. Eder Polido.

IYBA 2013 - Day 8 (026)

There is always time for cake.

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