IYBA 2013 Day 9

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With the themes done, today, the Brothers prepared themselves for the most important part of the International Young Brothers Assembly (IYBA). Day nine of the IYBA is the Retreat and Discernment Day.

Br. Michael French FSC, today’s resource person also led the morning praise and meditation at the Retreat and Conference Center (RCC) Assembly Hall. Br. Michael was present since the first day of the IYBA. As member of the Listening Committee and a translator, he has been leading the assembly through songs and chants the entire week. He began his presentation by telling the Young Brothers what to expect for the day, “You’ve had a full and rich schedule but now is the time to have God speak to our hearts.”

IYBA 2013 - Day 9

“The one who calls you is faithful”           1 Thessalonians 5:24

Br. Michael’s presentation revolved around Parmenie, where St. La Salle received a letter from the Brothers. As he explained that the letter was a statement of identity. He continues on by saying that today is a wonderful gift for the Young Brothers, “It is a day of discernment. It is time to let all that has been happening – the words, the propositions – let them seep in.”

He invited the delegates to a morning of silence, a time to reflect on all that has been happening.  He also posed this question for the delegates: How am I being called to live the mission today and how will I respond?

IYBA 2013 - Day 9

Laying it all on the table for the Lasallian Mission

Before ending his presentation, Br. Michael led the group with a song, Aqui Estoy Senor or “Here I am, O Lord”. Afterwards, the Brothers, following Br. Michael’s instructions, quietly went out of the room, each one finding a place for himself to reflect.

IYBA 2013 - Day 9

“I hope that these collective dreams can become a reality.” – Br. Alvaro

After their three-hour reflection, the Brothers returned to the Assembly Hall for their dialogue with the Superior General, Br. Alvaro Rodriguez Echeverria FSC. Br. Alvaro began by giving a small talk, stating that this is a time of change for the Institute. “We are entering a time of creativity, great energy and a prophetic moment.” He continues, “You (Young Brothers) are the catalyst for this new era.” He invites the delegates to be attentive and discover within themselves the reality where God is calling them – similar to what St. La Salle did during his time. During their dialogue, Br. Alvaro spoke enthusiastically, drawing the Young Brothers to ask important questions.

IYBA 2013 - Day 9

Questions not only for knowledge but for action

Afterward, Guided by Br. Michael, the assembly began their afternoon by singing “Here I am, O Lord” once more. The Brothers were then divided into groups based on their language and were asked to develop a Statement of Commitments to answer the question: What is the Institute being called to today, and how will we respond? Each group is to come up with one statement starting with “We are all convinced that…” and for the second part “We commit ourselves to…”

When the Brothers presented their statements, all of them echoed the insights and reflections of the past week. All the groups had powerful statements, with similarities but emphasized different aspects. Each group entrusted their optimism to the entire assembly, with the hopes of kindling each other’s spirit in achieving the Lasallian Mission.

IYBA 2013 - Day 9

Entering an era of creativity, as one community.

After the presentation of statements, Br. Michael invited the assembly for a prayer, the La Collatio – a moment to dedicate time to the Gospel. The groups divided again and took time to rest in God’s presence and contemplate on today’s scripture, the Gospel of Transfiguration.

IYBA 2013 - Day 9

Personal reflections on the Gospel of Transformation

After their prayers, the Brothers were given a short break. Mass followed, which was also hosted by Br. Michael. Dinner was held in RCC and socials in Hotel Rafael hosted by the delegates from the Pacific-Asia Regional Conference (PARC).

IYBA 2013 - Day 9

Thanksgiving Eucharistic Celebration

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