International Young Brothers Assembly
July 29 – August 7, 2013

“…I came that they may have life,
and have it more abundantly.”

(John 10:10)

Context & Purpose
At the 44th General Chapter, thirteen young Brothers were present and given the opportunity to directly participate in the process.  One line of action that the Young Brothers proposed to the General Chapter, and which was approved reads: “…a year before the next General Chapter, an international meeting of representatives of the young Brothers from the different Regions [will take place], with a view to expressing their hopes and dreams for the years to come” (Circular 455).

In June 2011 the Superior General and General Council appointed a Preparatory Commission to prepare this international assembly.  This document is the result of the commission’s first meeting in Rome and the subsequent online conference calls.  It introduces the theme, objectives, topics, delegate information, and other logistics.  It is very important to note that Identity of the Brother will serve as the common thread of the Assembly.  The Preparatory Commission strongly feels that the Theme and Topics will continue to articulate the identity of the Brother in light of our Association for the Educational Service of the Poor.

The International Young Brothers Assembly is a blessing for all young Brothers of the Institute.  As the theme of our assembly reminds us, Christ calls us to life “more abundantly,” and that is the gift we offer through our association for the educational service of the poor.  The Assembly will allow us to appreciate our vocation even more and reflect on the needs that must be met in our Institute if we are to continue to “give a human and Christian education to the young, especially the poor.”

The International Young Brothers Assembly (IYBA) will be held Monday, July 29 – Wednesday, August 7, 2013 on the campus of De La Salle University-Dasmarinas (Manila, Philippines).


II. Theme
“…I came that they may have life, and have it more abundantly.”  (John 10,10)

The first Christian community lived convinced that Jesus, the risen Lord, would return very soon full of life and would share it with his followers. This waiting has been transformed into a hope that moves believers to spread the Spirit of the early times in the different contexts in which they find themselves today.  This new life evokes the passage of dry bones in Ezekiel where the prophet, attentive to God’s action, recognizes, accepts, communicates, and increases life by creating a new place of worship.

In his forty-fifth meditation, our Founder invites the Brothers not only to receive life, but to increase it resisting the desires of the flesh and instead acting in accordance with the Spirit.  Today, this means resisting those specific values that prevail in our 21st century world and go against the Kingdom of God.  We must act in a way that our mission is lived with creativity, zeal, solidarity, inclusivity, new language, and faith in our pluralistic and ever-changing society, remembering that abundance comes to those who are like good shepherds.

Abundant life comes to us Young Brothers if we allow in our lives a new creation, leaving behind our fears and taking up the “be not afraid” dimension of the gospel, demonstrating that God’s beneficent presence is near. We are faithful to the Spirit, which liberates, rather than to the law, which binds.  We admit our weakness and meekness so that we can rely solely on the strength of God.  Only in this way will we be significant in the lives of the many young people who have no hope and yearn in their hearts for someone who will show them the love of God and make their lives abundant.

III. Objectives

  1. To grow in what it means to be a Brother of the Institute by sharing our personal and regional experiences of faith, fraternity, and mission.
  2. To reflect and discern the current realities of the Lasallian presence in the various parts of the Institute so that we may respond to the needs of the young, especially the poor.
  3. To share our strengths, challenges, dreams, and hopes that Young Brothers, both as members of the Institute and XXI century religious, experience in their Districts, Regions and the Institute.
  4. To strengthen the solidarity among young Brothers so that there is a greater sense of responsibility for the needs in the different parts of the Institute.
  5. To appreciate and promote our vocation as Young Religious Brothers in the XXI century.
  6. To present to the 45th General Chapter the collective hopes and dreams of the Young Brothers as we seek to respond to the needs of the young, especially the poor.
  7. To have an opportunity to work together as young Brothers in a Lasallian apostolic ministry that directly serves the poor.