Pre-Arrival Schedule & Information

February 19, 2013:  Welcome Letter sent to Delegates

March 19, 2013:  Online Registration Form Due

March 1 – June 1, 2013: Spiritual and Personal Preparation

May 15, 2013:  Travel Information Due

June 1, 2013:  Final Preparation Letter sent to Delegates

July 28, 2013:  Arrival date for Delegates

July 29, 2013:  Assembly begins at 10:30 AM


Topics & Reflection Questions for Personal Preparation
During the 44th General Chapter, the thirteen young Brothers were given the opportunity to participate in the discussions and discernment as Capitulants. In their meetings, they identified the following themes as important to the young Brothers:

  • Association for the Educational Service of the Poor
  • Community Life
  • Consecrated and Spiritual Life
  • Educational Service of the Poor
  • Formation and Accompaniment of the Young Brothers
  • Pastoral Ministry of Vocations

We have chosen to adopt these themes as topics for our reflections during the International Meeting of Young Brothers. The participation of all young Brothers in this discernment process is crucial in proposing our reflections to the 45th General Chapter. Hence, we ask all young Brothers to be actively involved by:

  1. Reading “Circular 455: The Documents of the 44th General Chapter”; “Circular 456: Towards the Year 2014”; “Circular 461: Associated for the Lasallian Mission …an act of HOPE”; and “Circular 466: They Will Call Themselves Brothers.”
  2. Reflecting on their experiences of the above-mentioned themes / topics individually and collectively as a delegation, sector, district, and region; and
  3. Responding to the following common questions for each of the above-mentioned themes / topics:

3.1 How do I best experience this as a young Brother?

3.2 What concerns and challenges have I encountered and how was  I able to resolve them?

3.3 What are my hopes and dreams for the Institute in this topic?

All young Brothers are asked to share their responses during their respective gatherings in the delegation, sector, district and regional levels, and bring their collective responses to the International Meeting.


Pre – Assembly Preparations

Google Mail. We strongly recommend that you create a Google account for yourself. We will be using the Google Drive to share and edit documents and other files before, during and after the Assembly. You can create a Google account through this link:

Shirt Size. One of the souvenirs of the Assembly is a Polo Shirt, which will be used during the Assembly. Kindly send to your Region’s Young Brother Coordinator your shirt size as soon as possible. It will help if you can send the exact measurements of your neck, chest and belly.